Take Charge of Your Life

Every day millions of people let their inner fears stop them from creating a better life for themselves. No one will deny that it is scary to step out of your comfort zone, but once you challenge your fear and take action, you can attain great things. The best thing is that you do not have to go it alone.

1. Dream Great Dreams

It does not cost anything to dream and daydreaming can be the beginning of an exciting journey to a better place in life.

2. Make a Decision

In every decision we make, we exert a power to shape and control our own life.

3. Form A Support Team

Share your ideas with another important person in your life. No one has all the answers, but you do need to know who to trust.

4. Make a Game Plan

Begin today. The baseline is where you are now; it is your line of scrimmage.  The goal line is where you want to be in the future.

5. Keep Score

Hold yourself accountable. Don’t count on someone else to be prodding you along the way. You may need a coach, but prodding is not what a coach is for in my opinion.

6. Reward Yourself

Kudos from others are great, but it is also important to reward yourself. 

The thrill of the game of life is charting a course, facing challenges head on, and holding someone else's hand along the way.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  Either way, when you focus on the big picture and refuse to let past mistakes keep you down, you create a future that is filled with possibility. So live to the fullest in the present moment and make the most of it to achieve your life purpose.

"Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second. Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you." - William James, 1842-1910, Psychologist and Author

Career Advancement

With the fast pace of the world today, we all need help identifying and planning our career moves. Even more important, we need the contacts and resources to make our goals become real. That's why mastermind groups are so popular, offering support and specialized knowledge to people in every industry and sector.

I became acquainted with the mastermind concept in Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich." He believed that a group of like-minded, achievement-oriented individuals could dramatically leverage each member's success and used the example of Andrew Carnegie as someone who greatly benefited by this concept.

A mastermind group may consist of people who collectively have one overall goal or they may come together to achieve their own goals. A good example of a collective goal is given by Joe Dudley, Sr, co-founder of of the DudleyQ+ brand, in "Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success: Inspirational Interviews on How to Put the Napoleon Hill Philosophy to Work in Your Life." Mr. Dudley tells how he met with the leaders of the various departments of his business every day. They shared challenges and good ideas across the board. What worked well in one department might spark an idea in the mind of a different department head. Mr. Dudley followed the same process with his family and insisted that each of them read "Think and Grow Rich" every day. Largely due to Mr. Dudley's brilliance and persistence, each of his children is a millionaire in t heir own right and the success of the company has far exceeded his initial goal. He is one of the world's most sought after entrepreneurial master minds. I was privileged to be on the panel with Mr. Dudley for the recording of Session 2 of the 17, The Mastermind Alliance.

A mastermind group meets at regular intervals to brainstorm ideas, share knowledge and help each other discover tools to realize their dreams. These people work well together, but they may be very different from each other. The common element is that each draws something from the others, and each contributes freely to the group. It is the focusing of each mind on a common issue that triggers thoughts not readily available to one person. Members draw on their unique experiences and specialized knowledge to help each other.

A mastermind group is more than a social circle, in that achievements are expected. It is different from other groups, such as a Toastmasters club, because it has fewer members and the primary purpose of the group is for members to talk about their goals, successes and challenges. As they do so, others in the group focus their mental energies on the issue under discussion. This combination of energy focused on one point creates a power or force that is not available elsewhere; some call it the "third mind."

When many minds concentrate on a single point, the activity generates a power over and above the sum total of each of the individual minds. It is as though an invisible force joins the group and provides additional insight. As a result, the group members accomplish more than anyone person could accomplish individually.

For example, when I began thinking of becoming a professional speaker in 1997, I joined with Art Jackson, management consultant, Toastmasters' Past International President Bennie Bough, and Tom Grady, a professional engineer and award-winning salesman, to form a mastermind group. We were all new to professional speaking and soon realized that we needed someone more experienced to join our group.

One direct benefit for me from that group that continues to grow is the publication of my first book, "101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly," which Bennie Bough and I wrote together. The Fifth Edition of the book is now published. Publishers in twelve countries have translated and sold it.


The Secret to Getting What You Want

Where will you be next year? Where will you be in 5 years? In a decade? What is the next right step for you? How do you make the right decisions when the rest of your life will be lived in a brand new century with brand new rules?

Jo Condrill's Take Charge of Your Life: Dare to Pursue Your Dreams answers all your questions and takes you by the hand, step-by-step, up the ladder to a level of success you may have only dreamed of. Begin with a lifeline exercise Any time is a good time to look back at your life. Then look to the future and consider what will be your legacy. 

No matter where you are on the career continuum or in your personal life, Jo motivates and inspires you to live your life by design. She shows you how to map out and take charge of your future. How to zero in on your dream and take action to bring it to life.

Jo shares her personal real-life success steps with you: How to make the right choices... how to ramp up your personal power and decision-making ability... how to get the support and mentoring you need... how to take charge today so you can enjoy the rewards of victory tomorrow!

  • Solid, step-by-step guidance shows you how to move confidently into the future of your dreams.
  • Practical, down-to-earth wisdom teaches you how to take charge of the crucial choices and challenges you'll meet along the way.
  • Interactive exercises and workbook pages let you rehearse and prepare for life's pitfalls (before they happen) and the possibilities (so they will happen)

Develop yourself to your highest potential. Whether you're just starting out, looking to move up, or want to change course completely!

Just starting out? How to design and achieve the future that's right for you, including:

  • Creating your vision and taking action;
  • Knowing what you want and what you don't want;
  • Making confident and effective decisions.

Need a new groove to replace an old rut? How to make the moves to move you up in your career, including:

  • Making choices that are right for you;
  • Developing and implementing your action plan;
  • Forming a support team.

Time for a mid-course correction? How to reinvent yourself personally and professionally, including:

  • Taking charge at every point of the career continuum;
  • Forging strategic alliances;
  • Measuring your progress and celebrating your arrival.
This book is a masterpiece on achieving life's visions. It gives practical, realistic guidelines to focus on what is important in life to see dreams come true.
- Elaine Stoltz, Past President - Association of Image Consultants International
REVIEW: BY --Lou Major, President, Wick Communications
This book virtually tells Jo’s story, or at least what she did to make it work. It is a really constructive book.

It's filled with some good, practical stuff about how to virtually change the way you do things in order to move up in a career or job. Even for the person who does not work or is retired, the book has some valuable lessons. She writes in a very simple to understand style and the book is even more useful in that there are pages at the end of the various sections for the reader to fill in.
Those pages also help you to establish goals, set a timeline, keep score on yourself, figure out where the goal line is and even how to celebrate your achievements. There are hundreds of self-help books out there and they keep on coming. This is a little bit different because it actually allows you to keep score on yourself. It tells you about dreaming those dreams, but being realistic about them. It tells you about when to hold and when to fold.

For anybody in any job or position anywhere, it is well worth the time to seek out this book from GoalMinds publishers.    - Lou Major

About the Author

Jo Condrill is an award-winning speaker, author, and consultant. She had a distinguished career in leadership positions with the US Army where she served as Deputy Chief of the Logistics Plans and Operations Division in the Pentagon. She was awarded the highest honor the Army can bestow on a civilian, the Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service. Among numerous demonstrations of acting upon what she teaches, Jo also led 3000 Washington, DC, Toastmasters to a first-ever #1 ranking worldwide. She later served on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors. Jo presents speeches and seminars internationally.

Readers Quotes
"... This is the best book I've ever read! It encouraged me and gave me hope"
-Reinette Alecozay, Air Force Contracting Officer

"... Whether a rookie in life, or a seasoned veteran, we all need to take time to tune up our lives. Often, unfortunately, we allow external forces or events to choose when and where this happens. My good friend, Jo Condrill, has made it easy for you to "take charge" of this very important life step with her book, A Millennium Primer: Take Charge of Your Life. Get it, read it, apply it. Don't wait for something to happen! This book will help you, I promise."
-Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate

"... If I had had your book when I was a Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay, I would have given all girls in my units your book as a guide for their lives. This book is marvelous!!"
-Sue Wills, (Mrs Bob Wills. Jr.)

"... This terrific book will inspire you to get your highlighting pen out...to remind you that 'fleeting thoughts flowing from our creative imagination and dreams are raw material for visions.' Each chapter is thought-provoking. There are examples, inspirational quotes, exercises, and tips from an accomplished woman who truly has taken charge of her life and pursued her dreams as a seminar leader, world-wide speaker, author, and television host. I recommend reading her book...TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE! to pursue your dreams. A wonderful book!"
-Marlene Gordon, Tour Director/Owner, The Next Stage Tour Co., Los Angeles, CA

"... Jo Condrill continues to enlighten her audience with insightful, common sense, "how to's" that allow readers to focus toward achievement of their dreams through a step by step process."
-Pat Gransbury, First State Woman Editor, President, Sussex Business and Professional Women
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