101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly


Communication Skills101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly, 5th Edition
by Jo Condrill and Bennie Bough, Ph.D.


Provides a quick way to expand your communication skills and empower yourself for success. Enhance your ability to get your message across effectively; dramatically improve your listening skills.

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"A must for anyone in sales. Every new sales person has the same questions. 'What do I say' and 'How should I say it.' I have trained sales people for twenty years, this is one of the best guides for beginners and a great reminder for pros. It belongs on the 'important' shelf in your book case. "
-Tom Grady, Opened a New England District Office for a Fortune 500 company and ranked #1 in national sales within two years.
"A power-packed, easy-to-use guide for everyone, especially useful for persons using English as a second language. This book not only instructs in communication skills, but also in attitudes and behavior. I am referring it to all my friends and associates."
-Hsu Terry Wang, President, New World Bilingual Institute

Have you ever blown a deal, a job interview, a promotion, or a relationship...

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...just because you couldn't think of the right words to say? Have you ever agonized over what you would've/should've/could've said?

In our fast-paced world, communication mistakes take their toll in an instant. This terrific treasury of tips and techniques gets right to the point. Crisp, clear "how to" information is presented "bullet" style for beginners and pros alike. It's a book you can open to any page and find information you can put to use immediately. It is richly illustrated.

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101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly provides a quick way to expand your abilities and empower yourself for success. Don't let fear of "foot-in-mouth disease" hold you back!

Enhance your ability to:

  • get your message across effectively
  • be a powerful listener
  • evaluate and change behavior that may be blocking maximum success

Effective communication, the ability to send and receive ideas leading to mutual understanding, connects us to others. That connection can be created instantly, cultivating successful relationships that lead to greater understanding, harmony, and productivity.

By improving your communication skills you will find greater harmony and opportunity to get what you want with a reduced chance of misunderstanding. You will have greater exposure to new ideas resulting in a broader of world events. You will find increased pride in your personal performance and an expanded view of possibilities.

Effective communication skills are the mark of an achiever. Always have been; always will be.

This popular book has been licensed for publication in Mexico, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.

About the Authors

Jo Condrill is a motivational speaker, seminar leader, author, and coach.  Among numerous demonstrations of acting upon what she teaches, Jo led 3000 Washington, DC, Toastmasters to a first-ever #1 ranking worldwide. She later served on their Board of Directors. Jo had a distinguished career in leadership positions with the US Army where she served as Deputy Chief of the Logistics Plans and Operations Division in the Pentagon. She was awarded the highest honor the Army can bestow on a civilian, the Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service. She has three books published and she is an active member of Toastmasters International.

Bennie Bough, Ph.D. is Past President of Toastmasters International. With over 35 years of speaking and training experience, he shares first-hand experiences, specializing in how to give effective presentations, whether one-to-one or one-to-a-thousand. Besides the United States and Canada, he has trained individuals in communication techniques in China, Vietnam, Laos, Pakistan, and Taiwan. He received his Ph.D. in International Relations from George Washington University.

Dr. Bough serves as the Potentate of the Kena Shriners, Shriners International. .

Ilustrated by Steve Ferchaud

Reader Quotes
Your book needs to be in every organization/club/group/association, it doesn’t even matter what industry they are in. It could really help people stop arguing when they learn how to communicate clearly. Each family member in my house will be reading it cover to cover. Except the babies. There are many aspects I appreciate in this book. Here are a few:
  • Easy to read
  • Straight to the point
  • Easy to implement
  • The reader never is spoken down to
  • It’s so practical
  • It covers so much info. with the least amount of words
  • The reader feels like he has a personal coach
I love it!!!!!!!!!

- Maribel Hernandez, Home School Mom

"Rereading 101 Ways --underlined with pen, yellow and light yellow. Purchased book at NJ Toastmasters meeting (eons ago). Thank you for writing the book"
-(July 2006) Liam RCT SINY

"An excellent, provocative view into the minds and hearts of speakers, organized for maximum effectiveness, and written superbly by two authors who know exactly what they mean."
-- The Book Reader

"I not only find this book a quick reference and an easy to use guide for my communication challenges, but I also insist that every member of my management team read it, study it, and keep a copy of it on their desks at all times."
- Johnny Uy, Philippines

"I love it! So brief and to the point, so well written and well laid out, and such great and practical advice, so briefly stated! Great!"
- Judith Sinclair, Sidney, Australia
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